GET IN SHAPE WITH Tango - Tango Technique for couples


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Tango Techniques for couples

with Leticia Tulissi & Anìbal Montenegro (Buenos Aires)

Their concept of dancing is about improvisation. Dynamic & fluid movements with keeping the priority about the embrace and connection between the couple & music.

What is tango connection?
How to be a precise leader and an active follower?
Linear and circular situations: how to lead and follow clear transitions?
Centre and circle: different situations “who circles around whom?”

Leticia Tulissi
Leticia Tulissi lives and works in Buenos Aires. Since she was a little girl, she studied ballet, but the tango culture was always part of her life. In 2002 she started tango lessons and since then it became her way of expressing herself.

Leticia Tulissi has learnt to dance tango with renowned teachers such as Julio Balmaceda, Corina de La Rosa, Luciana Valle, Valencia Batiuk, Dina Martinez. Over the years Leticia Tulissi has worked with with all of them in Buenos Aires - and started to teach.

Since then she has built a strong method, based in a deep technical knowledge without forgetting the playful aspect of this dance. The knowledge of the mechanic of the movement, the use of the body in an effortless way, connection and joy are fundamental elements in her classes.

In her classes she offers you the opportunity to explore how to share this danza with someone else without losing yourself!


Anìbal Montenegro
Anibal Montenegro started tango in 2001, immediately he felt the attraction to go to the milongas and take millions of classes! His mom was an at “home” tango singer, so the connection of Anibal with the tango was influenced through the music and her voice.
Since 2007 Aníbal Montenegro has been teaching and performing in many cities around the world.

He has acquired a deep knowledge of the best approaches to tango teaching during his ten years of teaching. In a unique way he succeeds in explaining classical elements, techniques and movement sequences in a detailed, understandable, logical and structured way. At the same time, through the precision of his teaching method, he offers the possibility that the movements are not only analysed, but can be experienced and felt in one's own body, thus opening the door to an organic, light and elegant flow of movement.


Leticia Tulissi & Anìbal Montenegro
Leticia & Anibal met in the classes of Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa in 2005 and from that moment their connection lead them to perform in milongas like Yira Yira, Cochabamba 444, Salon Canning and later started to teach in Piazzolla Tango, Estudio la Esquina, Caff.

Today in 2019, after a break of working and dancing together, they are back and “the magic is intact”!

CHF 90 | for one Workshop
CHF 170 | for two Workshops

Private lessons
It is also possible to book private lessons with Leticia Tulissi and Anìbal Montenegro.

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